As a performing arts group, the MoodSwings Jazz Band aims to inspire a love of jazz to the members of the community by:

Cultivating an empowering and supportive environment for female musicians of all ages to develop skills in the jazz music genre

Providing performances for diverse audiences to preserve and increase appreciation of this American legacy art form



In 2005 six female musicians found each other through their love of jazz (and CraigsList) with the goal of creating a welcoming and nurturing environment to grow and share their passion. Soon… the MoodSwings were born!

In the years since, the group developed into a full big band, rehearsing weekly, adding hundreds of tunes to their repertoire.
Since 2010, under the musical direction of Marissa Tanimura, the MoodSwings have performed regularly at Northwest venues – always adhering to the original core values: musicianship, encouragement and friendship.

What sets the MoodSwings apart?


We love our music, we care about our audiences and we truly support each other – our camaraderie shines through during our high-energy, fun-filled performances.


The MoodSwings Jazz Band is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible.